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Environment Agency report reveals Cloth is Better for the Environment

Daily Telegraph UK Nappies: terry cloth more environmentally friendly than disposable

MRW: Cloth nappies can save 40% carbon emissions, EA report reveals

The Herald (UK) Revealed: using reusable nappies best for the environment

The Herald (UK) Washable Nappies Can Help Families Stay Green...and Cut Costs

The full report can be downloaded here: An updated lifecycle assessment study for disposable and reusable nappies

Read the Women’s Environment Network (WEN - UK) Press Release on the Updated Report

Read the Real Nappy Campaign (UK) Media Release on the Updated Report

Read the Australian Nappy Network (Aus) Media Release

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Washable Nappies have evolved!
Modern cloth nappies are now easy to use and just as easy to clean. Gone are the pins and origami. Cloth nappies are made up of three layers: a waterproof shell, an absorbent core, and a fabric next to the skin that allows moisture to pass through, keeping your baby’s skin dry.

Reasons to choose cloth nappies:
  • Cost savings - save between $500 - $1000
  • Environmentally friendly – disposables are an incredible waste and take years to decompose
  • Gentler on babies skin – cloth are chemical free and more comfortable.
  • Improved child health – some studies link disposables with childhood asthma and infertility in boys.
  • Quicker potty learning – children are more aware of the sensation of urinating in a cloth diaper.
  • Colour and style alternatives – babies look super trendy in cloth.


Events promoting and informing about cloth nappies will be held all around the country.
Check out what will be happening in your area.


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