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How the Forum works
The Nappy Network forum is the place for you to ask questions, read people's feedback and make friends with other parents using modern cloth nappies.
This works with a simple message system.
You post a topic such as "Which style of nappy is best for nighttime?" In your message you tell everyone a little bit about your situation such as "I'm keen to try cloth nappies but I've heard they don't work at night time. What have other people used at night to keep baby from leaking?"
Then other people who visit this forum will answer with their own message. This will sit under your original message going on and on until everyone has had their say on the issue.
You can post a reply as well such as "Thanks for all that info about your night time system. Do you think that a toddler will work well with these suggestions?".
The thread (series of messages under your topic) will continue as long as people keep posting messages to it. Eventually it will peter out as people move to other newer topics.
It will be archived after a set amount of months on the board. This allows other people who might have a similar question to go back and read what was written in your topic.

So don't be shy, just register your details and jump on. You can read through everything that interests you without posting so don't feel like you have to post if you don't want to.

The Nappy Network can provide...
your antenatal class, midwife/doctor, hospital, Well Child nurse, PIN group, creche or other such group with brochures and demonstrations (where available). If having a demonstration, a member of The Nappy Network will come along and show you what is available, how to use it and where to buy it while also answering questions you might have about the use of modern nappies. Check out our listings for a member near you or contact us at


The Nappy Network has no opinions about other types of nappy products and does not endorse any specific brand or style of modern washable nappy products. We sell space to advertisers in our material. Advertisers do not influence the content of our material.

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