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Pocket Nappies

Sewing your own pocket nappy
Sewing your own pocket nappy with gussets
Sewing a pocket nappy with Gussets PDF
Sewing the elastic casing PDF

Fitted Nappies

Sewing fitteds

The Patterns

Please be aware these patterns are for home use only, and cannot be used for reselling either the pattern or the finished product. If you wish to tell other people about these patterns, please point them to this page, do not save the PDF files to your own webserver and redistribute them from there. They are all true to size, and should print to an A4 page without needing to be re-sized. Please ensure your printer is set to not resize.

For reviews on these patterns and other available patterns please visit the pattern reviews on the forum. If you've made one of these patterns we would love your feedback on sizings etc.

Wee Weka Pocket size Medium to fit about 1 yr old
Wee Weka Fitted/Pocket (one-size fitted/ S-M pocket)
Wee Weka Pocket with Gussets/FOE (small)
Wee Weka Side Snap or FOE training pants or fitted with foldout soaker (small to medium- fits up to 12kg)
Wee Weka Side Snap or FOE training pants or fitted with foldout soaker (medium to large)
Wee Weka Dolls nappy
Wee Weka Pull-On Training Knickers
Wee Weka Serged edge fitted/contour/booster/cover (size S)
Wee Weka Cover with gussets/FOE (size NB and S)

Shar's New Born with Umbilical Scoop Pocket(fits to 8lbs max, for larger fit increase wing size)
Shar's New Born with Gusset and FOE Binding
Shar's Small/NB for baby with Clicky Hips (suits big thighs)
Shar's version of Wee Weka Side Snap, adjusted to a NB size.
Shar's Newborn Fitted

PaddyPants Large fitted/pocket & Large Cover patterns

If you have problems viewing the patterns please install the latest acrobat reader

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