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The Flier

Get it here (689kb)

These can be printed out on your own computer (assuming you have a printer), then take the single sided copy to a photocopy place and double side photocopy it there.

If you are going to do this, don't print both sides on one sheet of paper for the "master" copy to be photocopied, as the "other side' will show through, use two sheets of paper, page 1 and page 2.

Print using the highest quality you can.

Also unless you are getting someone else to double side the photocopies for you, TEST the first one to make sure you get the second side up the right way, it's very easy to print on the wrong side of the paper or upside down.

The Posters

Keep it Real Mum (712kb)
Keep it Real Mum (with nappichino) (712kb)

As Easy As ABC (889kb)
As Easy As ABC (with nappichino) (890kb)

Real Nappy Week Down Under (205kb)

If you don't have the ability to print, and need fliers or posters, then either put the pdf onto a floppy or re-write able CD and take it to a computer that does have a printer, or try asking people in your local area if they can get you a master copy. If all else fails contact someone on the committee, as I'm sure there will be someone who can sort it out for you.

If you have problems viewing the flier or posters please install the latest acrobat reader


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