One in Rotorua

List childcare centres throughout NZ who support cloth use. List centres that don't support cloth use.
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One in Rotorua

Post by Nutbar » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:21 pm

I've just started taking my daughter to Tiny Tots daycare while I go back to tech.

I asked them today, after having her in sposies while she was there (bleaugh), and they will use cloth! They did say though, 'we won't wash them'.........what the??!! Once I sort myself out and finish making them, I won't trust anyone else to wash my precious nappies.

I also forgot about the sposie thing when I dressed her this morning, and had her in an AIO, which they put in an empty Giggles nappy bag to take home!!!

But I'm so pleased :D

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Post by PukekoPossum » Tue Jul 18, 2006 9:44 am

Ooooh! That's exciting! I'm moving to Rotorua sometime early next year. My husband is going to stay at home with the girls, and I will be looking for a job (currently in training for ECE)... Good to know, I'd hate to work somewhere that refuses to use cloth!

xxx Lou

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Post by Tinkerbell » Tue Jul 18, 2006 10:47 am

PukekoPossum wrote:I'm moving to Rotorua sometime early next year.

Wow Lou, you'll love it!

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