TNN Forum & Website information revamp!

TNN Forum & Website information revamp!

Postby nova » Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:36 pm

We're in the process of doing a revamp of the important information throughout the forum, and also the website! It's time the info was all up-to-date, and freshly presented. \:D/

It would make the process much faster, and thorough if everyone could help us gather the information we need, rather than us having to track everyone down.

SO, please contact me by PM, with "TNN Info" as your message subject if...

You are a WAHP or small business that sells products or services to the general public IN New Zealand, or if overseas if you can/do ship to NZ on a regular basis. Please provide the following, if applicable-

Business name :
Customer contact email:
Store address:
Country/ies of operation (ie where you are):
Primary product categories:

(Caveat - Maintaining a list of TNN Member WAHPs is something that we do to be encouraging of our community, and supporting local small business. TNN do not make any money from this, and the onus is on the business to keep us updated with their information.)

You are a MCN hire kit owner who hires within NZ. Please provide the following info, if applicable -

Business name:
Customer contact email:
Hireage cost:
Minimum Hire Period:
Number and nature of kits: (eg. 6x Newborn 3.5-6kg, 8x Small 5-9kg)

(See above caveat)

You would like to donate a prize for upcoming TNN member activities :smt047

You are passionate about MCN, and a good public speaker and would be interested in doing demonstrations, in whatever forum you are comfortable with (eg. your playcentre/playgroup/kindy, CBE classes, or the general public)

You are a capable MCN sewer and would be interested in sewing some simple, generic MCN for demonstration purposes, or even holding/assisting with a "sewaccino" to help people learn to sew MCN.

You are keen to help with the promotion of MCN in some other way, whether you can do graphic design, accountancy, sales, busybodying, or are simply a lean, mean, keen machine, we'd love to hear from you!

You know of a MCN business that deserves to be included in our listings but who isn't a member of our forum.

Thank you so much for your assistance, and let's see MCN becoming a viable option in every family household in New Zealand! :TNN1:
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