Wahmies One size Pocket

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Wahmies One size Pocket

Post by Ethan's Mum » Fri Apr 04, 2008 11:17 pm

We've been using one of these on Ethan for a few weeks now on the medium rise setting. It features the revolutionary quick hooks!!

I am very impressed with the fit on Ethan - his slender thighs mean that many types of pocket nappy are too big in the legs. This nappy is very easy to adjust to get the perfect fit. The quick hooks really are quick to do up, hooking into three places on each side of the nappy.

The only negative is that the quick hooks are not quick to undo!! A bit of practice is required to get the hooks at just the right angle to unhook them. (& DH was frustrated tonight when taking it off when Ethan needed a new nappy - calling out that "I don't like this nappy!! lol - a bit of coaching and he figured it out :lol: ).

I was interested to see what the polyester velour was like too. It is lovely and soft, but due to Ethan reacting to synthetic fibres :cry: , our personal preference is for natural fibres.

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