Nap-naps AIO One-size-fits-all

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Nap-naps AIO One-size-fits-all

Post by Baroness » Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:02 pm

I get to write the first review :D
I have bought 1 of these nappies (in rose) to trial on my girl.
At the moment Natural Parenting have an introductory offer on these for $27.60 each, until sun 19th April 2009.
I will be getting 10 (with a bucket, freight, 10 boosters and 10 liners all for free :shock: )
There are 10 colours (so I wont need to choose)
The inside is like a fitted napnap, with a PUL cover on the outside. It has colour matched snaps for size adjustments (my girl at 16 months wears it unsnapped) and velcro tabs.
It fits her really well, she has worn it twice, so still not at full absorbancy yet. Had no leaks so far.
No marks from the elastic on her legs, and it is sewn to a very high standard. 100% cotton (except for the PUL) and MADE IN NEW ZEALAND 8-)
Has washed up and dried really well.
Cant wait to get more of these :wink:
No stay dry layer, but comes with a washable liner.

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Post by rachel » Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:25 pm

I just won one of these from the competition on the Natural Parenting website. Excellent prize btw. I was quite thrilled because I've been wanting to try a nap-naps nappy for ages now. I used it on my 2.5 year-old who is a very heavy witter. The fit was fantastic. I do have a preference for snaps, but I can see that you can get a snugger fit with velcro and the nap-naps design takes full advantage of this. I used it with one of their cotton boosters and changed my son after 2 hours. There was still a fair amount of absorbency left in the nappy so it could have been left on for longer without fear.

The nappy dried in one day in Christchurch winter, which is very good for an AIO. Natural Parenting produce their own fleece liners which have been cut to fit exactly over the absorbent part of the nappy. The workmanship is of a very high quality, but I wouldn't expect anything less for a NZ-made nappy.

I think these nappies are particularly good for carers who may not be used to MCNs because they're so easy to use. My only negative comment, is that they're fairly expensive.
Aussie mum living in New Zealand.

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