Breast Pads - what worked for you?

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Post by frannym » Fri Aug 05, 2005 11:41 am

I'm disappointed to read that some ladies had leaks with my Breastmates wool breast pads. I have heard that one lady used Breastmates, with a disposable breast pad on the outside. She had a very large and fast letdown, and did this for the first month or so. It also meant that she didnt go through disposable b/pad as fast.

Wool breast pads have additional benefits that other breast pads dont offer - in that they have natural healing abilities for cracked nipples and the warmth can help prevent mastitis. You will also find that they arent bulky and will mould to the breast shape and retain this shape after each time they have been washed.

Also, just note if you are having leaks with these, don't apply too much lanolin or nipple cream as this will adhere to the b/pad and make them repell some moisture.

These have been used by over 150 mothers now. I'm pleased to read that some other of you mums liked them and found them comfortable.
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