Bummis Splash Wrap/Swimmers

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Bummis Splash Wrap/Swimmers

Post by Dunners » Thu May 26, 2005 3:40 pm

These are available from Snazzipants http://www.snazzipants.co.nz and from Real Nappies http://www.realnappies.co.nz for $17. (can also be used as a daytime wrap if needed).

Em's wrap is size M. According to the website that should be suitable from 6-9 kg. We bought it when Emily was about 3 months old (maybe 5-6 kg? I really don't remember - I should check her record book).

Being a new Mum I was very nervous about poo finding its way out, especially since the nappy wasn't a snug fit when we first got it. Cross-over tabs would have been fantastic (and longer tabs would have been good too). Instead, we had to do it up at an angle to try to get as much "width" to work with as possible. This would leave gaps though.

Now Emily is 10+ months old. I still find that I have to do it up sideways to get a tight fitting across the tummy. These are very generously sized in my opinion. We've been swimming each week since Emily was 6 months old, so we've well and truly saved money using them.

Edit: we HAVE had a faecal incident in these and I'm very embarrassed to report that the swimmers did not contain it all :oops: Could have been due to tampering little fingers, but very embarrassing none-the-less. We ditched them very quickly after this happened.
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Bummis Swimmers

Post by Anonymous » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:34 am

I got a pair of these too (for DD of course) and yes, they are VERY generously sized! My daughter is 19 months old and is still is the medium size with plenty of room.
They are fantastic for swimming as they're so light and don't weigh DD down or restrict her movement.
Most pleased with them! :D

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Post by Dragonfly » Wed Dec 14, 2005 9:53 pm

I've got the red ones with the cows. Used them a lot as I used to take Éloïse to swimming lessons every week.
I find them very generous in size as well. Can't cross the velcro tabs and they filled with water. I had to squash her bum when we got out of the water! :wink:
People wanted to know where I'd bought such a cool looking swim nappy!
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Post by Dee » Sun Feb 26, 2006 6:15 pm

I have found these swimmers really good, fit well and gotta love the trimness of a swimmer, get heaps of use in this weather!

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Post by figi9 » Sat Dec 16, 2006 8:45 pm

I found these swimmers terrible. :(
Like Leanne i bought a medium when DS was only about 3 months old. I haven't been able to use them until he is one and a half. They sag greatly and i would never trust them to contain a poo.

I hadn't noticed as DS always wears a full swimsuit over them. But i had him in the cow print ones this week (without his suit) and they have big gaps around his thighs. His bum hangs half way down to his knees. Without cross over tabs i just can't get a decent fit and have been angling them but this doesn't work. I am now shopping around for something that fits better and i will not be using them again.
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