Gone, thanks

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Gone, thanks

Post by piggywiggy » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:42 pm

Free to a good home (our nappy making days are long gone)

Green beans white (at least I assume it's white and not off white, but could be) and baby blue fleece for making pocket nappies. Can't be naffed measuring but more than a metre in each at a guess, maybe even bigger.

Cut of blue, light brown and dark brown large dot minky, not sure of origin
Cut of two tone brown stripe minky, not sure of origin
Large piece of mid blue minky, maybe a half yard or metre, not sure of origin

Bag of pul pieces, might be some pieces big enough to make nappies if you had joins in the wings. There is a piece of royal blue that looks like it was a metre cut that I've made three nappies from. All Green Beans PUL. Unisex colours.

All free. Prefer to give away as one lot. Could deliver in Upper or Lower Hutt
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