Chloe's Toes pattern

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Chloe's Toes pattern

Post by AndreaL » Mon May 05, 2008 9:27 pm

This is a pattern from the States. Officially not available in electronic format yet but this could change.

It's designed to be trim fitting, and to provide "full coverage" at the back, but the front tabs lie below the tummy. It's designed to be quick to sew, using FOE (I actually adapted it for elastic in a casing because I'm not a big FOE fan, but would be great for those who are)

My guy has really skinny thighs. I've always had trouble with nappy fit. I hummed and ho-ed over whether to get this pattern, but then realised that becasue of his body shape the nappies always ended up sliding down and sitting low at the front anyway: Comes in a heap of different sizing options with overlap between sizes.

The verdict:

very happy. All mine are made using this pattern now.


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