Modern Cloth Nappies - More than just Green

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Modern Cloth Nappies - More than just Green

Post by Stacey » Thu Jul 12, 2007 5:05 pm

Modern Cloth Nappies - More than just Green
The Nappy Network Media Release
Author: karmiec
12th July 2007


Cloth Nappies have come along way since the flat nappies of our parents and grandparents generations. Modern Cloth Nappies come in a range of styles, colours and prints to make changing time fun and easy. Modern Cloth Nappies save parents money as a set of cloth nappies are cheaper than disposables over the nappy-span of one child, and savings are multiplied as the nappies can be used for the next child or resold. Most excitingly Modern Cloth Nappies allow parents to choose from a much larger variety of colours and styles to suit their child.

Parents can choose from Prefolds, Fitteds, All-in-ones, Pockets and all sorts of combinations to best fit their child, lifestyle and budget. They come in every colour of the rainbow, gorgeous prints and lots of fun novelty designs and divinely soft 'minkee' fabrics. The Nappy Network ( also has free nappy patterns available for download so that even the most beginner sewer can make a personalised nappy for their precious child.

One mother says "Its so much nicer to dress my son in nappies that match his outfits so when he inevitably ends up running around in his nappy and t-shirt he looks just as cute as when we left home. Even when my Husband dresses him for bed he chooses a nappy that matches his PJ's".

Modern Cloth Nappies are also the nappy of choice for many 'Green' New Zealanders. Not only do they reduce landfill being a multiple use item, they also have much lower carbon mileage than disposables which are predominantly produced overseas. Modern care of cloth nappies is far more energy efficient than the traditional soaking/boiling of past generations. Modern Cloth Nappies can be washed in cold or warm water, and in the New Zealand climate are best line dried where natural UV light bleaches them - saving on unnecessary soaking and chemicals. Nappy users can also support New Zealand Made as many 'Work At Home Parents' (WAHPs) are producing Modern Cloth Nappies.

"I especially love my Modern Cloth Nappies because I can customise the absorbency for my son" says Lisa (mother of one), "In fact I increased my cloth nappy usage as the premium disposable brands were not absorbent enough for my son who is a side sleeper". This is the case for many cloth nappy users who enjoy the benefits of customised absorbency, style and fit. Babies with sensitive skin can also be more comfortable in soft breathable fabrics like cotton and hemp. Because of the variety of types of nappies and fabrics available parents are able to best cater for their babies individual needs.


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