Nandor marks Cloth Nappy Week - Green Party - March 07

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Nandor marks Cloth Nappy Week - Green Party - March 07

Post by Stacey » Sat Aug 04, 2007 9:16 pm

Nandor Tanczos MP,
Green Party Spokesperson on Waste Issues
16th March 2007

Nandor marks Cloth Nappy Week

Green Party MP Nandor Tanczos is marking Real Cloth Nappy week by writing to the manufacturers of disposable nappies to ask them about their environmental impacts.

“1.3 million trees and over half a billion cups of crude oil per year go into making the disposable nappies used in New Zealand. Disposable nappies take between 75 and 500 years to break down in landfills. Real cloth nappy week seems a perfect time to ask disposable nappy companies what they are doing to address that,” Nandor says.

“Until nappy companies start to take some responsibility for their waste, through a product stewardship scheme, ratepayers are forced to subsidise them by paying the disposal costs of plastic nappies."

Christchurch City Council, has initiated a scheme to subsidise cloth nappies for new parents, after realised it was costing around $600,000 a year to landfill nappies. They claim that ‘the average family can save between $600 and $1800 by using washable nappies’.

“It’s good to see Christchurch City Council providing a level playing field. Polluter's profits are often subsidised because they don't have to take responsibility for the waste generated over the life of their products, which tips the balance against environmentally conscious companies.”

Nandor points out that modern designs of ready folded and shaped nappies make reusable nappies very convenient. Flushable nappy liners also make modern reusable nappies easy and mess free to use. There are also a number of nappy laundering services, which provide affordable washing for busy parents.

“I am also concerned that there have been no long-term studies into the effects on skin of constant exposure to the polyacrylate super-absorbent gels found in most disposable nappies. These were removed from tampons in 1985 but remain in babies nappies".

“This is not about making parents feel guilty for using disposables - sometimes they are hard to avoid. It's about parents using cloth nappies when that is feasible, and it’s about disposable nappy makers taking some responsibility for the environmental effects of their products,” Nandor says.


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