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Nominations for committee positions

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 1:47 am
by Stacey
(original copied from ... hp?t=53615 - with edits)

Nominations for TNN Inc Committee roles are now open. The roles are briefly described and amendments may be made if necessary. If there are any position that you think would be good to have that aren't listed please feel free to suggest.

Anyone can be nominated. You can even nominate yourself, lol! Each person nominated need to have at least one seconder. If more than one person gets nominated for a role, then it'll come down to the votes at the AGM. Anyone nominated must obviously consent to accepting the role if voted in at the AGM.

Committee members must be financial member of TNN Inc and only financial members have voting rights.

Chairperson - Organiser and communicator. Works with all the other committee members to ensure continuity and team work. In the beginning they will need help build the structure of the organisation so that the goals of the organisation aren't diverted by personal or commercial interests. This can be solved by establishing a basic set of guidelines and setting up as a non-profit group. Charity has info on all of this.

Current Holder = Michelle P (ClothConvert)

Secretary - The key holder who responds to administration issues and helps the chairperson and treasure run the organisation. The details person.

Current Holder = Michelle M (Mickeigh)

Treasurer - Keeps the books. The main money being collected from advertising in our educational materials. Pays the bills.

Current Holder = Michelle P (ClothConvert)

Spokesperson - Deals with the media and other groups who work in the area of health and education for parents and babies. Also works with environmental groups and Community Liason.

Community Liason - Provides a voice from The Nappy Network to groups with an interest in the effect of modern cloth nappies. This would be environmental groups, local government, WINZ, CYFS, Plunket, Zero Waste Trust and other such groups.

Organiser of Demonstrations - Organises demonstrators so that all interested parties can have a face-to-face with a real live user of modern cloth nappies. They will need to contact all manufacturers and distributors of cloth in NZ to get samples for demonstrators kits. They will keep a record of demonstrations and answer questions.

Current Holder = Michelle P (ClothConvert)

Design and maintenance of the website - HTML, PHP and CSS experience necessary.

Current Holder = Stacey and Shar (Darny)

Design and maintenance of the website - HTML, PHP and CSS experience necessary.

Forum Administrator
Administration of the forum. PHPBB2 experience needed.

Current Holder = Stacey

Designer - Works with the committee to produce educational material, the main pieces being the Modern Nappies brochure with listings of stockists and the website. May increase in the future to brochures for creches and childcare and other topics.

Advertising - To source advertising revenues for TNN Inc, and administrative work liasing with current advertisers.

Current Holder = Helen (Callum's Godmother)

RNW co-ordinator - proposed new role

Hire Kits (co-ordinator?)
Current Holder = Callum's godmother, Gabes

(Ive removed 'forum moderator' from the list, as I think it was decided that forum management was a sub-committee, and moderators could be appointed by the administrator at any time, with board approval)

Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:34 am
by Stacey
New List updated 8/4:

Pre-nominations (in no particular order)

Chairperson - K8ylou/Claire (job share) (2nded)

Secretary - K8ylou/ Claire (job share) (2nded)

Treasurer - Posh (2nded)

Spokesperson - Kaz (2nded)

Community Liason - Karmiec (2nded)

Organiser of Demonstrations - Aidanasher (2nded)

Website - Stacey (2nded), Navarri/Katriana (in training) (2nded)

Forum Administrator - Stacey (2nded), Navarri/Katriana (in training) (2nded)

Designer - Heart (2nded)

Advertising - Callum's Godmother (2nded)

Hire Kits co-ordinator - Callum's Godmother (2nded)

Old list:

Karmiec - Community Liason, RNW co-ordinator (seconded: Happi)
Kaz - Spokesperson (Seconded: CarlaS)
Callum's godmother - advertising, hirekits
heart - design, website
navarri - website, forum admin, treasurer
CL - Community Liason (to be confirmed)

Moderators - Paws, navarri, Kiwiroxy (see note above about mods)

No particular role, but would like to help:
aidanasher (somebodys assistant)
posh (possibly chairperson/treasurer/secretary)