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Real Nappy Week - What is it?


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Real Nappy Week is a fun way to promote the use of cloth nappies. It gives you the opportunity to see them up close, to talk to parents who use cloth nappies, and to ask all those questions you have.

It was started in the UK in 1996 by WEN (Womans Environmental Network). Over the years the Week has grown into an international event with hundreds of activities across the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and places as far flung as South Africa, Sweden, Turkey and Mexico. Support has increased year to year with the backing of over 80% of UK local authorities and almost 500 events in 65 counties.

Real Nappy Week has enjoyed great sucess in NZ with the local and national Media services picking up on the fun and the more serious underlying messages. Local councils have gotten behind the message, often planning cloth nappy subsidy schemes to commence during the Week, and supporting our work by providing venues and promoting events.

Each year The Nappy Network celebrates Real Nappy Week in various ways. Regional groups organise 'nappucinos' (informal meetings, usually including coffee/tea and chatting about cloth nappies with parents that use them), nappy expos, static displays, market stalls, educational talks, nappy fashion parades, nappy art contests, colouring/poster contests, raffles, prizes and giveaways - to name just some of the fun.

Click here to see whats happening in your region.

Nappy retailers will often run thier own special promotions and offer discounts during the Week - so keep an eye out!


Events promoting and informing about cloth nappies will be held all around the country.
Check out what will be happening in your area.


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