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There are many styles of Modern Cloth Nappies, so take a look at the options.


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Flat Nappies
Flat nappies provide absorbency and come in several different styles.

Flat Square
in broadcloth or terry towelling
Require folding

with multiple cotton layers
Minimal folding

multiple layers in hourglass shape
No folding

contour nappy
Flat nappies are used in conjunction with an overnap - a leakproof outer layer.

Full set - 12 to 24 flats

Fitted nappies
Homemade fitted nappyFitted nappies have the absorbency sewn together and are fitted around the legs and waist.
Closures are made of 'velcro' or domes. Fabric is normally cotton but some come with in-built 'stay dry' fleece lining. Used in conjunction with an overnap.
No folding required.
Full set 12 - 15 fitted.

Overnaps/ Covers
Overnap is short for 'over nappy' and is the outer layer that blocks moisture from escaping. This is the most important part of the nappy for leak protection.
Pull-up Pants
Pants allow you to pull up the overnap and usually have elasticated waist and legs.
pull-up style cover
Wraps lay flat and wrap around the baby. They close with velcro or domes. For many styles you can fold the nappy and place it in them without pins.
wrap style covers
Fabrics for overnaps range from nylon to wool, fleece to breathable leakproof backing. They only need be changed if dirty and can be reused with a clean flat or fitted nappy if unsoiled.
Full set - 4 to 6 overnaps.

All In One nappyAll-in-one's have the absorbency and the overnap combined. They are shaped to fit the baby. All-in-one's are made of several layers of absorbency. Some styles have adjustable layers. They usually close with velcro tabs. A leakproof outer is sewn in and prevents moisture leaking through from the absorbent layers.
Full set - 12 to 15 all-in-one's.

Pocket style
Pocket nappy being stuffed with a pad folded flatPocket nappies are shaped to fit the baby but have a pocket made from the outer layer of leakproof backing and the inner layer of stay dry fabric. The absorbency is inserted in the pocket. Pocket nappies usually come with inserts but can also be used with flats or prefolds. The inserts are made from natural fibres or synthetic micro-fibre. They close with either velcro or domes.
Full set - 8 to 12 pocket nappies

Old Fashioned Flats, New Uses!
Don't feel like old fashioned flat cotton or towelling nappies are no longer useful, they make great stuffers and extra absorption for many of the modern nappies. You don't need to use pins anymore, just fold into a pad and use as a stuffer for a pocket or lay in a good fitting wrap.

Wrap stlye covers with pad folded flats


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