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Washing made easy

Nappies in sunshine on washing lineSome parents choose to use a dry bucket or bag to store their soiled washable nappies. If a nappy is stained, then just treat the individual nappy with water (and a stain remover if you choose) and put it in the dry bucket or bag.

Washing at 55°C and hanging in the sun on the clothesline whenever possible is a good disinfectant and stain remover. If you choose to soak, choose the soak cycle on your washing machine with a nappy soaking solution before your normal wash.

Modern washing machines work so well that many traditional methods of cleaning have become unnecessary.

Powders etc

As a general rule, choose a non-enzyme powder to wash your nappies. Use one half or less of the recommended amount of powder and rinse your nappies well. If you wish to use a soak, use an oxygen bleach preferably or a non-chlorine bleach (i.e. Napisan®) and rinse well. Soap flakes can be used, but be careful they don't coat the nappies and make them less absorbent...again rinse well. Do not use fabric softener on your nappies.

Baking soda makes a good natural soaker and washing powder booster, and a splash of vinegar in the final rinse cycle helps remove powder residue.


Each brand of washable nappy has their own specific care guidelines so please use this only as a general guide. Some special fabrics cannot be washed/soaked with non-chlorine/oxygen bleaches, baking soda or vinegar - so read the specific care guidelines of each brand of nappy.

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